OSCAR GRANT: System of a Down The case of Oscar Grant remains alive in the hands of activists seeking justice now.

Entire article can be found: www.thestarklife.com

Words: S. Nicole Brewer & Mariama Primus
Image: Chris Stain

Picture this. You are leaving a movie theatre on the opening night of a major release. The parking lot is crowded. And in the blink of an eye chaos ensues. You are mistakenly yanked up by the local police.

While attempting to explain your position, you are slammed to the ground.

Through the flashing lights, noise of the crowd and frantic pleas of your friends, you realize that all of you are in the prone position and cuffed on the ground. You notice that the officer penning you to the blacktop is unwavering in his tone and demeanor. You know you are in a no-win situation. Your body goes limp; there is no struggle in you at all. You feel hot tears cascading down your face… With a boot in your neck and your face grinding into the asphalt, you frantically beg and plead for your life. Then it hits you: you just heard the cock of a gun.

What would be your next thought?

Would you think of your parents and their reaction to what may be happening? Or would your subsequent train of thought be of your spouse or significant other and how they would take the news about this tragic case of mistaken identity? Maybe your thoughts would wander to your two-year old, who is at home fast asleep in his bed—sweet, angelic and innocent, with no idea that his parent could potentially be gone forever.

Time’s up! The trigger has been pulled. What was your last thought?

Image by Chris Stain.


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